Triple O Lazer Tag of Moreno Valley, California, is a family-friendly laser tag facility that offers animated fun for ages 4 and up.

You're It
You get to enjoy a sophisticated, interactive laser tag game played in a futuristic arena. When players wearing fiber-optic battle vests and armed with laser-equipped phasers enter the arena, the excitement begins.

The Right Atmosphere
Black lighting, stunning graphics, and special effects create the atmosphere. Suddenly, laser beams (totally safe) pierce the darkness in a pyrotechnic display. Combatants hide behind protective cover and maneuver through an interconnecting maze.

You Can't Escape
A fiery scarlet beam centers on your vest. Someone has you in their sights! You're hit! A vibrating sensor thrums a sensation, letting you know the bad news. Your phaser is de-energized for 4 seconds—and the action starts again!